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Don’t allow your business to become cashflow broke. Money is a tool and all businesses must have money to operate. The cash flow of money can make or break your business. Build business credit and alleviate the day to day stress of not having money in your business bank account. Unlock the power of business credit.

Lay the foundation correctly from the start.

Build Business Credit

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10 Steps to Build Build Credit

Does this sound like you?

  • It is unclear who you’re doing business with and who’s reporting to your business credit file and the exact end result is an unfulfilled business credit profile.
  • You’re missing opportunities because you don’t have the business credit to obtain funding.
  • You get denied for business credit cards, business loans, or business leases that utilize the business tax ID number.
  • You have tons of unwanted business credit inquiries on your personal credit profile
  • You don’t know how to position your business credibility in the marketplace so you can attract the right projects or funding partners
  • You are just flat out missing opportunities because you don’t know what you don’t know
  • Your cash flow is inconsistent because you aren’t presenting your business credit to the vendors or creditors. You aren’t being intentional with your business credit profile.
  • You are a million-dollar brand you just don’t know how to ask for the $$$$. How you are presenting your business credit to your prospects and clients is preventing you from maximizing your impact and revenue

Next Level Success

You know you need to learn how to build, utilize, protect, and leverage business credit instead of your own but all of that overwhelms you.

You know the business isn’t being seen as a credible business on paper, and you don’t know how to solve the problem. Instead, you attract the wrong lenders with high interest, high risk, and high repayment terms all based on your personal credit score and not the business tax ID.

You are ready to maximize your return on investment, grow the business by taking on additional money-generating projects, and building wealth. It’s time to smash your goals and get to the next level of success. It’s time to Conquer Every Opportunity.

The Business Credit Bundle

The Business Credit Playbook & The Business Credit Secrets for Entrepreneurs Book

Learn ALL about Business Credit right from the start.
Don’t waste money, get the answers you want to know about Business Credit.

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The Business Credit Masterclass

This Masterclass is a Live Session which teaches entrepreneurs:

  • what business credit is
  • how to establish business credit
  • locate reporting vendors
  • protect business credit
  • leverage business credit to maximize your Return on Investment

When: Happens once a week and participants must pre-register.

What you get

  • The knowledge to DIY
  • Submit questions prior to the class
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Business Credit Bootcamp

8 week 1-on-1 Intensive High-touch Implementation Experience

Designed to build, protect, and utilize business credit.
I will give you the support and insight you need to thrive within your business.

  • Bi-Weekly Live Zoom Implementation + Strategy Sessions
  • High-Level Profit Map That is Tailored to Your Skillset + Goals
  • Pre-Recorded Industry Specific Trainings to Access On The Go
  • Weekly Personalized Feedback + Accountability


Business Credit Bootcamp
  • You will know exactly what to do to position your business to leverage business credit as opposed to personal credit
  • You will build business credit by obtaining a Dun & Bradstreet number, applying for specific vendor accounts, and working through 3 Tiers to obtain Traditional or Non-Traditional Business Funding not tied to your SSN only the TAX ID.
  • You will have a financial game plan to protect your personal assets
  • You will know how to pick the RIGHT lender that will generate the highest return on investment
  • You will know how to build the RIGHT business plan that will empower you to establish a healthy financial balance AND maximize your financial growth
  • You will know how to keep your budget in tact by utilizing business credit lines
  • You will know how to properly transition the business through business disruption or succession
  • You will know how to keep keep unwanted inquiries off your personal credit profile while applying for business credit

  • You will know how to properly utilize credit references and well as obtain credit references from our network of lenders



  • Personal Credit Audit
  • Personal Credit Repair throughout our 8 weeks
  • Continued support even after the 8 weeks

What you walk away with

When you complete the Business Credit Bootcamp, you’ll have an official Dun & Bradstreet credit report with Paydex Score, five (5) established accounts with future credit references, a business credit profile established, connected to D&B, and ready to file for women, minority, or veteran-owned certification, a business succession plan, and The Business Credit Playbook AND The Business Credit Secrets for Entrepreneurs!

What You Get

3-Bi Weekly 45 Minute Strategy/Accountability Session with recorded playback

On-Demand Check-ins + Get your questions answered in real-time VIP Style

Signature Systems + Offers Designed to help you manage your growing business with ease

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